Second Space Experiment for Aleph Zero

We’re excited to share that an Aleph Farms experiment was selected to be part of ‘Rakia’ Mission to space, led by the Ramon Foundation and the Israel Ministry of Science and Technology. One of 44 experiments to be chosen, it will be launched to the International Space Station as part of Axiom Space Ax-1 Mission, pending NASA and Axiom approval, together with the second Israeli in space, Eytan Stibbe, at the beginning of 2022. This will be Aleph Farms’ second trip to space, following a successful ISS experiment in 2019. In this new experiment we will focus on tackling the challenge of cultivating the cells in microgravity.

Aleph’s space program, Aleph Zero, builds upon our mission to produce quality meat locally, even in the most remote places on Earth with minimal natural resources. When people live on the Moon or Mars, Aleph Farms will be there as well.

“Aleph Zero is helping us achieve our vision for secure and unconditional access to high-quality nutrition for anyone, anytime, and anywhere. We are thrilled to collaborate with Eytan and the whole team to advance game-changing food solutions for space and for Earth.”, says Didier Toubia, Co-Founder and CEO, Aleph Farms.

Access to fresh food is a key obstacle to long term space exploration. If we are to travel to and eventually colonize Mars or the Moon, we need food production systems that are bioregenerative and that can locally feed communities with quality nutrition.

The constraints of space unleash creativity and have already ignited many innovations we know and use today, such as solar panels, GPS navigation, and even hydroponic agriculture. Space is the next frontier. It’s a scarce and hostile environment where you don’t have the luxury of borrowing from future generations. We couldn’t imagine a more perfect environment to build our platform for efficient food production.



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Aleph Farms paves a new way forward as a pioneer in cellular agriculture, passionately cultivating delicious, real beef steaks from the cells of cows.