Impact Through Art / Earth Day 2021

In honor of Earth Day, we’re excited to share that we joined forces with New York-based street artist, Label Maker, on a creative project that explores how art can drive impact.

Label Maker wheat pasting our posters on Freeman Alley, NYC

“The intention of our work with Label Maker is to explore how aesthetics can draw-in and engage people to discuss the purpose behind the paint,” says Didier Toubia, our Co-Founder and CEO. “When we broaden our horizons, we let a change occur within us. This shift can be ignited through risen awareness. Street art often serves as the perfect channel for such a shift in perspective,” adds Didier.

Bowery & Houston, NYC

At Aleph Farms, we believe well designed products drive the most impact. We also believe a product isn’t well designed unless it’s sustainable. As an extension of this core philosophy and on Earth Day, this project represents an exploration of the power of art in culture.

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